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Review RTR’s Recommended Recruiting Practices.

Many companies involved in recruiting are continuously working to improve their services to clients and candidates alike. RTR is particularly interested in hearing about what your company is doing to ensure that candidates have the best experience possible.

If you would like to share your latest plans with the RTR community, simply fill in the form below and tell us about what you are doing. We will post some of the most interesting responses.

Guidelines for Recruiters (Corporate and Third Party)

Try to communicate with candidates whenever possible, even if only to inform them that they are no longer being considered for a specific position. It can be hard to respond to every communication, but try to do so even if it means using form letters, or having an assistant provide information to the candidates.
Do not collect resumes. Build long-term relationships with candidates as well as clients.
If you’re a Third Party Recruiter, remember that today’s candidates might be tomorrow’s clients (if their experiences have been good). If you are a Corporate Recruiter don’t forget that the candidate could be your boss some day.
Never provide or use a resume for a specific position without the express approval of the candidate. Past approval for another position doesn’t count.
Check Rate the Recruiters regularly to see how you are being perceived by candidates. If the RTR posts suggest room for improvement at your company, use the RTR information as the basis for internal discussions and for developing a plan for improving the perceptions. If the postings are positive, circulate the information internally and reward those that are creating a positive image for your company.


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