RTR Support for Candidates

Review RTR’s Guidelines for Candidates
Access Links and Websites with helpful information on the job change process
Ask RTR specific questions regarding your situation and also see responses to others’ questions

Guidelines for Candidates

Recognize that recruiters work for a client (internal or external) who has set clear criteria for the candidates they are willing to consider. They must always pursue their clients’ interests first and foremost. This includes extensive pre-screening. Be realistic about your chances for any particular position.
Make the recruiter’s job easier by providing all information in the form and format they requested. Always respond promptly when contacted.
Make sure that your resume is finely tuned, visually attractive and has no typos.
Learn about the different types of third-party recruiting contracts (Contingency and Retained) and understand how the third-party recruiter is compensated in each scenario.
Do your homework by using RTR either before you start your job search, or after contact with a recruiter, to benefit from others’ experiences.
Document your experiences, both positive and negative, on the RTR website. The more feedback you provide, the more others will want to compare and contrast their experiences.
Diversify! When possible, try to identify jobs other than those that are being widely posted and use avenues other than recruiters to get in touch with the decision makers. A good network of contacts should greatly facilitate this process since many jobs are not widely advertised.

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