Searching the RatetheRecruiters database

You are working with a recruiter on a job opportunity and have decided to “do your homework” using the RTR database. So where do you begin?

If you haven’t already done so, you should Register and then Login. After you are logged in, you will be able to click on the Read the Reviews option, at which point you will have access to a database search engine.

The engine will allow you to search the RTR database using a keyword that can be anything of interest to you such as a Recruiter, a Company, a Location or a Job type. The search engine reviews entire records and will find keywords even if they occur in the free form section of those records. Keep in mind that you will get more results when searching using “broad” key words. You may choose to type in partial words since typing “Eng”, for example, will find be sufficient to find the word “Engineer”, and will also find certain mistyped versions of the word

The search will then generate Summary Records, each representing a single recruiting experience with one recruiter. Each Record will include Overall Ratings and will also provide links to free form comments and the detailed record associated with that recruiting experience. A sample Summary Record as well as the other information contained in a review are shown in the Sample Review section of this site.

By searching the RTR database regularly you will be able to follow the track record of a particular recruiting company, or see how the recruiters have been “evolving” in a certain field of expertise or city. The insights gained could prove invaluable in your job search; sometimes one small piece of information or insight can make all the difference in the outcome of a search!

RTR is always seeking to improve, so if you have ideas or suggestions on how our database can be made useful to you, please contact us.

RTR hopes that you will find the information in our database useful and wishes you much success in your job search.

We also hope that you will seriously consider returning the favor to the others that are helping you, by sharing your experiences and filling in a Questionnaire after each of your job searches. By working together we will restore the balance, and we will change the world of recruiting.

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