The RatetheRecruiters Questionnaire

Completing the Questionnaire

• The RTR questionnaire requests basic information about the Recruiter you worked with and the type of job you were pursuing.

• This is followed by a Comments section where you can describe your recruiting experience in as much additional detail as you wish.

• In closing, we ask you to give a Overall Professionalism rating, and to state whether or not you would work with the recruiter again.  You then simply Submit the review.

• The questionnaire is designed for a single experience and we recommend that you complete one for each job you applied for, or were interested in.

• Nevertheless, if you wish to document several experiences with one recruiter, you can feel free to do so.

• RTR is committed to your security and anonymity, as described in detail in our Assurances section.

• While the questionnaire is designed for honest feedback, we nevertheless ask that your comments be as factual and objective as possible.   We will not post questionnaires that are clearly biased for or against a particular recruiter, or that include unacceptable language.

• RTR as well as the other candidates using this site thank you in advance for your professional approach in documenting your recruiting experiences.

Other Questions

How will my information be used?

The answers to the last two questions (see above) will be used as the basis for the recruiter’s rating on the RTR site.

The free form section may be posted as is, edited slightly, or “reduced to essentials” by RTR depending on the length and detail of the comments. Accompanying the posting will be the secure Login Name you have chosen (see our Assurances and our Privacy Policy).

Eventually, the answers to certain questions may be used to provide new or additional perspectives on how the recruiters are faring in their interactions with candidates.

How long will it be before my post appears on the RTR site?

As mentioned in the Posting Guidelines section below, RTR wishes to ensure objective and balanced comments. We will therefore review all free form responses before posting them. You should allow up to a few days for this quality control process, which is intended to ensure a better website for all.

What if I change my mind and decide to withdraw my post?

No problem. Just contact us within 24 hours of submitting your post and we will cancel it.

How do I start?

The first step is to register on RTR. After choosing your secure Login Name and receiving a preliminary Password by email you will be able to login and either start documenting your experiences or read the reviews of the recruiting companies.

Posting Guidelines

The purpose of the RTR website is to gather, organize, and share factual and credible information about the companies involved in recruiting. You are the key to this process, and we therefore ask you to share your insights and experiences with us as objectively as possible.

Because the information posted on this website must be credible, we ask that those who post register and provide RTR with an email address, which we can use to contact you in the event that we wish to clarify the details of a recruiting experience.

As described in the Assurances and Privacy Policy, all information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on to advertisers.

We reserve the right to shorten and edit posts for the sake of clarity. We may also elect not to post a message if we believe that it is untrue, or if in our judgment, the message has moved into the realm of becoming an advertisement for, or an attack against, a given individual or company. Profane language is prohibited. By registering, you give RTR permission show/use the comments and other answers you provide.

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