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Candidate, San Francisco, CA, Date
A recruiter called me the other day and told me he had the perfect job for me, but he hasn’t called back and won’t return my calls. What should I do?
RTR: It is likely that the recruiter is talking to many other people and trying to build up a large pool before selecting a handful of top candidates. If you are in that handful you will probably hear from them. If not it is worth being persistent about getting some feedback while making it clear to them (if you are able to communicate with them) that you recognize you must be one of many candidates and simply want realistic feedback for planning purposes
Recruiter, Denver, CO, Date: We recruiters as a rule really do try to communicate but we are very overworked. Please be patient with us.
Candidate, Houston, TX, Date: There is starting to be a shortage of candidates in our industry and I am finding that recruiters are getting much better at responding than they used to be.

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