Useful Links

Monster All employment roads lead to Monster! There are dozens of pages here on resumes, employment tips, and self-assessment. Invaluable!

Working with Recruiters

This is an informative page from on working with recruiters.
Human Resources Human Resources section has many excellent pages on job-seeking, networking, etc.
Job Searching Here is another section. The focus is on job-seeking here.
Resume Shaping This page provides resources to shape your resume, a critical element of any job search. 
Quintessential Careers This site describes itself as “the leader in career and job-search advice.” There are many good information pages, including one on common interview questions. This site is specifically directed at new college graduates, but their career library is helpful for job seekers of any age. This is the Wall St. Journal’s website on employment. Many good pages here, on employment, recruiting and more. You can read from a job-seeker’s perspective, or get inside information from the recruiter’s side of the desk. Worth exploring.

We plan to update our links regularly; so if you found a website that helped you during your career search, share it with other RTR visitors. Simply click here and send us a copy of the link or site name with your comments or observations.

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