The Present Situation

Let's face it; the recruiting process leaves a lot to be desired. How often do our responses to ads go unacknowledged? Or when we try to get more information, we find we can't reach a human being or get our calls returned. What about the calls we receive from recruiters who enthusiastically tell us about an opportunity, ask us to send a resume, and then never call us back? We are left hanging, wondering what happened. "Did my resume have something in it that the company didn't like?" "Did a perfect candidate appear just after I talked to the recruiter, or did my CV just end up in the 'round' file?"

Goal of RTR

The goal of RatetheRecuiters.com (RTR) is to document the procedures, behavior and effectiveness displayed by recruiters through direct feedback from candidates. By "recruiters", we are referring to those working in the hiring departments of individual companies as well as specialized search firms (generally referred to as Corporate and Third Party Recruiters, respectively).

Through our compilation of information, active candidates will gain important information from the experience of previous candidates, and will be able to decide whether, or how, they wish to work with a particular recruiting department or firm.

RatetheRecuiters.com will also benefit recruiters. As a result of candidates sharing their experiences, recruiters may gain insight into their successes and failures from the candidates' side of the desk. In these days, when perception is everything, any company that is working without feedback is lessening its ability to attract the best talent.

Call to Action

Together, we can improve the recruiting process. We invite you to register on this website, share your experiences, and allow others to benefit from what you have learned. At the same time, you will be able gain invaluable insights from the experiences of others. After you register you will be able to post freely and to read reviews. If enough of us participate, we will revolutionize the hiring process for candidates and recruiters alike.


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